About Me

Welcome to my Garden Spot.  Notes from the Garden Spot was created years ago following a move back to my hometown - a tiny little town with a sign that welcomed you to the "Garden Spot of the World".  I have blogged about a variety of things over the years - life, love, kittehs, gardens, books, friends, loss, chronic illness, and so much more.

I live with the manmate, and our two kittehs - Kasey and Monkey.  I began my graduate education  in August of 2011. I am working toward a Master's in Library and Information Science, and I'm sure there will be plenty of angst and joy to come with that.  I enjoy time spent with the manmate, friends, and family, and enjoy books, comics and graphic novels.  Anything that feeds my information obsession, crafting, vintage finds, buying and selling on etsy  (seller name GardenSpotTreasures), gardening, music, and making messes are also tops on my list.  I love a good conversation, so jump right into my Garden Spot!


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