Jan 1, 2012

More what?

Do you subscribe to the belief that what you do on the first day of the new year signals what you will have a lot of in your new year? 

OK, so what do I want to do today?  I know we'll have dinner with the manmate's family - so more time with family.  I'll talk to my family on the phone - more family - talked to friends some already, that's good - more friend time.  More coffee?  That's my next stop.  I plan to knit a little, read a little and clean a lot today - and those could all use more time in my life in the coming year too.  I may make a pie today or tomorrow.  Who couldn't use more pie in their life? 

What else - more walks, more games, more movies - what is on your "more" list? 

Another thing I'm considering this year is a theme for the year.  What word or theme will describe my year?  I don't want straight out resolutions - I have my 34 in 34 for that (must get on that Harry Potter today - and maybe think about that ukelele!), but maybe a theme reminder for my year.  I'm open to suggestion, and off I go to drink that coffee.  I wish you and yours a blessed, healthy, and fruitful New Year! 


heavy hedonist said...

Get the uke! it's fun, easy, and there are millions of tutorials online, including a great one I use to tune mine.

Plus, you can purchase a uke in the sweet color of your choice @Amazon for peanuts.

Digging your garden! Peace, Mari

Jessica said...

They come in colors? Awesome! Thanks for visiting my garden - come visit again! :) Jess


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