Jan 15, 2012

Apple Minion

I just ordered an iPhone.  I'm blogging to you on a macbook so I figured it seemed appropriate.  When I got my last smart phone my carrier didn't have the iphone so here's hoping the transition from Droid to iPhone4s is easy for me. 

In other news school has started.  I'm a wee bit overwhelmed ALREADY, but hoping that sorts out this week. 

The cold that seems to be building in my head as I type may make that impossible.  Time will tell. 

So, all of you iphone users - what are your favorite apps.  What's my must have?  Dish! 

Hope everyone is having a happy Sunday, and maybe once the phone comes I can share some pictures of my knitting projects and such.  :) 


Elizabeth said...

Congrats on the iPhone, good luck with the classes, I know you'll do F.I.N.E! And vitamin C the cold!


Jessica said...

Thanks dear! Hope to hear how your gLeeK club went this week. And still trying to drown my cold in juice and tea. Sigh. :)

Sarah said...

instagram and pandora are must have apps.

Jessica said...

Ok, got those two. What else? I'm still missing things I think - this iphone is not at the magical stage that I hear other people rave about.....


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