Oct 24, 2011


Not a lot of wordage going on around here lately and for that I apologize.  This school thing keeps me on my toes apparently.  Every time I breath a sigh of relief about turning in another assignment it seems there is another deadline barreling down on me.  That said, things are going well for school.  The house is still mostly a disaster, but maybe a little less gross at least.  The yard/garden?  Couldn't tell you - haven't been out there in ages.  So I continue to look forward to winter break, but that's about all I have for you for now.  I do want to suggest that if any of my autoimmune/chronic illness followers out there are interested we've got a great author discussion going on over at Shelfari.  Come check it out - we're reading FibroWHYalgia this month, and author Sue Ingebretson is leading the discussion for us.  We've got a bunch of lurkers this time, and would totally welcome any discussion people want to add in.  :)  Just click on the link I embedded above in the word Shelfari. 


Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Sounds like the world of being an adult going to school. . . that's one of the reasons I'm reluctant, even though there's things I'd love to study. I just don't know how people do it!
My garden is a mess...because I've got too much on my plate, but not in as scholarly a way as you :) Hang in there!!

Jessica said...

I do love being in school - don't get me wrong on that. And we've never had a great house, but that's definitely been one of the big slides. Of course we're both working and going to school which is perhaps just looking for trouble. What would you study if you could?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess! Long time no.. uh that thing with the words and the sentences and stuff. Anyway, glad to see you're busy. I want to go back to school myself and will do so if i can swing it for the fall.
We got SNOW here last night and although it mostly left a dusting because of the warm ground, there was a LOT of it.
As for diseases, I don;t know much about those particular ones, but I do think much disease today is a direct cause of our food and environment lately. Poison in most of our "foods" that it can be hard to call them that.
At any rate, take care!

Jessica said...

Hi Jeff! Miss you and think of you often. Hope you can make it back to school in the fall again. Busy here for sure. And snow?!! Already? Wow - we're cold here though so I guess I shouldn't be too amazed.

As for food and diseases I do find that I feel a lot better when I eat "whole" and organic/chem free foods, so I think you're onto something!

Julie from Momspective said...

I've been having a really hard time blogging lately. Returning comments has obviously been difficult but that's because I've been getting harassed by someone in my comment section and I'm having a hard time opening them up to approve them.

Jessica said...

I can't remember who I read this from, but someone I read had an abusive commenter recently and had a friend review comments for her to remove the abusive ones because she found she was avoiding her blog b/c of the commenter. (run on sentence, much?) Maybe you could do that? Or is there a way to block them?

Sorry it's been hard. I'm having some sort of seasonal melancholy I think....


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