Jul 3, 2011


So, I'm a weeeee bit behind on my blogging.  Also a weeeeee bit behind on my blog reading.  Hence I just discovered this post over at Kristi's blog, Southern As Biscuits.  She mentions my Ugly Eggs.  I think her frittatta is definitely prettier, don't you?  And I'm certainly adding artichokes to my next grocery list.  The manmate and I are trying a new diet and it's requiring a wee bit of creativity on my part with the eggs.  This should do nicely.  So what've you been cooking up in your garden spot these days?  Spill the beans!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the bloggy love! fyi, I used an artichoke tapenade from Trader Joe's instead of straight-up artichokes, but I'm sure they'd be yummy too!

Jessica said...

Now how to convince the manmate that we need to road trip to Trader Joes awith a side trip to Ikea soon! ;)


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