Jun 24, 2011


Thirty-four.  It seems a tiny, teeny bit more elegant when written out in long form rather than in numeral form - 34.  It is my number.  I became that number on Monday - and I’ve just now finished writing it and clicking it for the first time.  In honor of my own 34th I thought I would come up with a list of 34 things to do in my 34th year.  Turns out that 34 things is a difficult thing.  I want to make this a to do list, but not necessarily chore like - more inspirational and change oriented.  What do I want to do, what do I want to know, what do I want to change, and where do I want to go.  All questions requiring some introspection and decision making.  I think I’m on approximately number 18 right now.  And I am somewhat stuck.  I’m more likely to revise than to move forward on the list.  So, I ask what you would do on your list for this year?  Not because I want to take your something but b/c I am hoping to gather some inspiration and energy to continue on this task.  I’m trying too hard perhaps with this desire to have a list.  What do you think?  Curious about the list?  Here’s a preview:
  1. Run a 5k without stopping
  1. Rent a cabin by self for a weekend getaway
  1. Get a tattoo (snail or star?)
  1. Post 1x a day for 1 month
  1. Volunteer at a library
Ok, what do you think?  


dancing_lemur said...

I like that the whole list is number 1. ;)

But seriously, I love the idea!

Jessica said...

That is so weird. I even previewed the post, and I actually had typed in the numbers that each one was on my own list - Volunteer at the library was 17. Hmmm, thanks blogger for the reformat!

Oh, and i'm adding "read Harry Potter series" in there somewhere. Also "buy ukelele".

Julie from Momspective said...

Nothing wrong with 34 my love! I hit that last April! The best part is hearing "You don't look that old!" Sometimes I wonder if it's more of a backhanded compliment...

Jessica said...

I don't really ever get that one. Hence having so many conversations at typeacon with ladies about wrinkles creams this year! ;)

Rebecca from Chow and Chatter said...

Happy Birthday love the idea of writing a list of things to do in the coming year:-)

have a great holiday weekend


Jessica said...

Thanks Rebecca - have a great weekend as well!

Julie from Momspective said...

Where would you get the tattoo?

Jessica said...

Well I have several on the wishlist right now - snail - perhaps reading - on my left inside wrist. Star on my right front shoulder (I keep dreaming about this one), and my big wish is a fantastic slightly gnarly but prettty tree on my back - that will likely be the last b/c of the size/cost and the fact that i'm determined to be slutty skinny before i get it. That and it could change from the back to the ribcage. Do you have any tats?


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