Nov 28, 2007


I've found the upside of this stupid cold that seems to be getting closer and closer to being bronchitis. I can turn the heat down after a 20 minute coughing spell b/c I've worked myself into the tropical zone.

To think people sometimes view me as a pessimist!

I'm also positive that with new tires (that are the same official size as my old ones) my car is now at least an inch taller. Could it be the not yet ground into nubs tread? hmmmmm.

I missed the Grinch! (animated old-school version, which is clearly superior to anything else!) Oh well, I'm watching the tail end (where the Grinch sleds into Who-ville with the gifts and such. He has carved the Roast Beast and all is well in Who-ville. :) Now on to Pushing Daisies! :)


My day in haiku

Car repairs kill me
Eat money from my wallet
In dark til payday


Nov 26, 2007

I Sometimes Want to Say This

Go check out Laurie Reuttimann at Team Building is For Suckers. She overheard a hilarious conversation and shared. :)

Nov 25, 2007

Push Me Out The Door?

After so many days away I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow. Need a pep talk or something, this was far too nice. How many weeks until I'm off for break? :)

Nov 24, 2007

Good People

There are good people in this world. I'm sure most of ya'll already know that, but sometimes it is nice to see it with your own eyes (or hear about it from those who have, as the case may be.).

I ventured out on Black Friday with my Aunt and my best friend Lizzy on a mission this year. I wanted to pick up one of the larger gifts on my list this year, at a significant discount. We went to "Tar-jay" as it is known in some circles. At 6:00 in the morning! Yes, we were "those people"! Mission was accomplished, with the help of a few nice Target employees who helped us wrangle a cart, and our large item and get into line. The line snaked all the way around the exterior perimeter of the store, down through the middle, and merged with the line from Electronics. People were nice, polite, and the line moved us through in 30 minutes. Unbelievable! As my aunt and I waited outside while Lizzy pulled the car around a lady leaving the store with two large, top heavy table hockey games in her cart tipped her cart over right in front of the store. No less than half a dozen people, perfect strangers in her world, rushed over to help her right it. One gentleman even walked her cart to her car for her. Nice to live in a world where people can help other people, isn't it?

The next incident I received 2nd hand from my grandma. She was in Food Lion yesterday, picking up ingredients for turkey soup. (mmmmmmmmm!) One of the managers approached her, and asked if she had company, to which she replied proudly "All weekend" (i can imagine her grin as she said this). He turned, pulled a cornucopiea centerpiece filled with flowers from the display case and asked her to take it home. Said he'd rather that she enjoy it with her family than it die on a display case. How sweet. He made my grandma (and me in turn) very happy yesterday.

Anyway, I was planning on going to see a show with a friend (who just started into this blogging madness, finally!) yesterday, but a bit of a cold has me wiped out so I took the cousins shopping, showed off my house to family who haven't been to visit since I became a homeowner, and went home to Dad's to eat grandma's turkey soup, and other assorted leftovers. Was good stuff. I'm glad I did, the evening degenerated (or progressed) into somesort of musically talented/untalented hoe-down in the basement, where my uncle tried to play my new step-mother's banjo to some Sirius radio bluegrass, while my youngest cousin jammed on her electric guitar hooked up to the built-in amp of her Beetle in the driveway with the top down. Was quite fun. I'm sure the neighbors loved us! :)

Ok, off to work on my list. laundry. dishes. shower. dress. work. Say good bye to family as they leave town.

Have a good Saturday all!

Nov 22, 2007


This has me really intrigued. Any thoughts? Think of all the stuff I could read! (I'm a compulsive reader if you don't already know that!)

Nov 21, 2007


Ok, so I'm 45 minutes early on this post. Deal. I'm waiting on my hardboiled eggs so I can make just shy of a gross (slight exaggeration) of deviled eggs. Two Thanksgiving feasts tomorrow, one at my dad's house, and one at my boyfriend's family. I'm in charge of eggs (restating the obvious, I know), and green bean casserole. (only one, for my family.) BF is in charge of pies. A pumpkin, and a chocolate creme for each of our feasts. Anyway, in the chance that I won't have time to post this tomorrow I'll go ahead and be thankful.

I am thankful for many things, including: my health, great friends, a loving boyfriend, new friends met this year to share laughs, stories, haiku, books, drinks and more; spending time with my family, surviving some tough changes at work this year and learning more while in the process, having a job, my house, my car (keep on chugging, Buddy!), new challenges and learning experiences, success and failure for teaching me something, and 2 fantastic meals with friends and family tomorrow. I'm thankful for some great readers who comment on occasion and boost my ego and give me a little interaction to go with my ramblings. (Thank you for your patience!)

Ok, admittedly a short list, but my egg timer is ringing. Have a great Thanksgiving, and a safe weekend!

Nov 19, 2007


see this:

I know how to strike out words!

I've been trying to figure that for a long time! Eureka!


My writing, that is creeping. Not holding my breath on success at this point. Perhaps I'll be inspired soon enough. After all, the goal is not necessarily to write a great novel, but to write a novel.

Saw the movie Charlotte Gray last night. I would definitely recommend. Cinematography was gorgeous, and the plotline was pretty good as well. About a woman who becomes an agent and goes off to France in the hopes of saving her English pilot boyfriend who has been lost in a crash.

In other news, I've finally cleared away the rotted pumpkin from my front porch. It is now the start of a compost pile. Maybe it will sprout a pumpkin vine next year!

Nov 12, 2007

Words, Falling Like Lemmings From a Cliff

Freak! (yup, that's me!). 4,686 words done. I'm about 16,000 words behind, but I feel like I've rounded a corner. I finally got Katherine (main character) out of the box. Ok, it was a party, not a box. If I had to get her out of a box this might be a much more interesting story.

Had a good Sunday at my p/t job. My coworker there helped me with some plot points, which provided a little bit of inspiration. I didn't however get any writing done last night, headache-block. :(

Have figured out that I type much faster and words come faster if I have the proper music playing. Tonight's selection was Way Live by the Waybacks. If you decide to download them please note that it is $1 cheaper to do so from Amazon instead of iTunes. I didn't notice that until it was too late. Could have bought another song with that $1!!(Thank you Jenny for that inspiration, they really are wonderful! I also used them to practice downloading and burning a cd from iTunes. Yes, I'm inching my way into the modern world!

Homework assignment given to me by the newspaper salesman on the corner: Does anyone know the schedule/sponsoring organization for the peace rallys that happen at 5 points intersection? He really wants to know, and since he really is a joy to talk to in the morning I would like to be able to answer his question. Any of you local readers have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Nov 11, 2007

Writer's Strike

Ok, I was going to tell you that the reason that my Nanowrimo entry is so woefully behind schedule is because I'm supporting the writers guild. That would be a lie. I do support them, but I'm just plain lazy. ;)

Anyway, if you're looking for something to read while you wait for my great American novel try this article from the NY Times. Written by one of the writer/creators of Lost. (I love that show btw!). Interesting perspective.

Nov 8, 2007

Things I Do Not Need, But I Do.

This calendar is totally cool!

Anything from these peeps. I am convinced that if I buy something from them I will be as cool as the models.

These bulbs. Which one of my fair readers will volunteer to put in a new flower bed or three for me?

This wine is seriously tempting me. A bit pricier than my normal wine.woot buy, but I do love me some cab! The deal disapears when it sells out or the new deal is put up Sunday at midnight.

Nov 7, 2007


USDO. That's lingo on a forum I frequent for "Unscheduled Day Off". I'm taking an USDO of writing the great american (fast and furious) novel. Boyfriend works too much, and he had time for Thai and hanging out. He's working a bit from home now, so I snuck in a blog post. My tummy is happy with Drunken Noodles with Shrimp, and Tofu Angels. Mmmmm........ If you haven't tried it, try out Chang Thai in Clemmons. Right across from Tanglewood practically. Absolute heaven!

To stay with the latest themes of writing, I have a link to a post about writing. Go over to the Happiness Project and check it out.

Nov 6, 2007

Words, creeping like ants, across the page

Most inspired thing I've written all day. Hasn't made it into the novel, actually, but it may yet. 2,522 words. That's the count. They came a little bit easier tonight, helped along by good wine, some pasta, and a few chocolate brownies, hot out of the oven. Oh, and my best friend came over. Something about having another living soul in the house to motivate me. I feel bad procrastinating in front of others. Not to say that it stopped me. After all, I did make brownies. And check my Google Reader. Contemplated the slowing down of comments on the blog since I've introduced all my friends to Google Reader. Thought about job hunting for the heck of it. Considered installing my smoke detectors. And wrote. I'm about 7,500 words shy of the goal point for today. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Nov 5, 2007

Another day, another paragraph

Maybe I should have done that blog challenge instead of a novel writing challenge?! Just kidding. I crossed the 1,000 word mark today, and then some. Seems to be coming a little easier, I'm just very tired tonight. I at least have some idea of what to write next. Got another page or so done, so that's a start. Anyone else have any updates for me?! Come on, share the blood, sweat, and tears!

Nov 4, 2007

Did you see it?

Saturday Night Live had Brian Wiliams on last night. Hilarious. Here's an article about it. I don't have time to search for a video clip, but you should if you missed it. He is an absolute riot!

Sunday morning's thoughts

If you asked my friends to describe me in 10 words or less I'm pretty sure that the word "perfectionist" wouldn't cross their lips. I do seem to have that problem with some things, like Nanowrimo. I understand that the novel is supposed to be crap. I'm writing it in a month, while still working full-time, and trying to keep up with this thing called life. However, I am slow. It is now day 4, and I have less than 1,000 words written. I keep stopping to think. I want my story to be plausible. I can't stop myself, even though I should just keep writing and go back and fix it later. Like nanowrimo says, you have all year to rewrite, revise, and fix it. You have November to write 50,000 words. AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

Nov 3, 2007

Notes from a Party

Hosted my first party in many years last night. Was good I think, not great. A start. Thoughts so far include:

I should have put food throughout the house, the party got a bit bottled up in the dining room.

I need a kitchen timer so that I don't overcook appetizers nor have to worry about them when at a party. (maybe those mini-tacos would have tasted better if not overcooked. Doubt i'll try them again though, taquitos next time for me!

How the heck did that much cheese get tracked over my house? Thank goodness for hardwoods.

The book of questions that Lizzy mentions? Very cool. Although since I wandered up after her and my boyfriend had been asking ?'s for a while I feel like I missed out. What do they know about each other that I don't know?! ;)

Sangria? Pretty tasty, mostly easy to make, although I may have to play with the recipe a bit. red wine, triple sec, lemons, limes, oranges, cherries, sugar, orange juice, and gingerale are the basics in the batch I made. Key is to let it all marinate for a day and then add gingerale and orange juice before serving.

Thinking of signing up for this as a way to celebrate the New Year. How cool would it be to run through the Festival of Lights? Any one else up for it?

Ok, I'm drastically behind on Nanowrimo right now so I should probably get busy. Who else is doing it? Progress report?


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