Mar 29, 2007

Points to Ponder

AKA Thinking Thursday:

This article is one of the reasons that I am against the death penalty. This man may not have been sentenced to death, but he did spend 22 years in prison because of misplaced evidence.

Stuffed baby seals in your home is certainly a deal breaker.

Ever wondered what to do with your old cell phone?

Mar 27, 2007

Happy Things on Tuesday

Things that made me happy today:

The pink, red, and white tulips planted near my parking lot at work. This is the most fabulous combination ever!

High productivity allowing me to catch up after a morning spent in meetings.

Got up early enough to study for a little bit before work. *shocking*

My paycheck this friday will be a tiny bit bigger than the last two I've gotten. Not sure how or why, but i'll take it! I just hope that payroll didn't mess up like they did once. I had to write them a check a week later.........

Hyacinths smell so pretty!

My neighbors are nice.

Mar 26, 2007

Manic monday

Ok, I have zero attention span, and have obviously never learned to study. I know how to read, but study, no.

My gas bill.........hmmm, 72 dollars less expensive than last month, but really how can it still be over 100 dollars? Heat, what heat? Plus it was warm at least half of the last month! Wonder how late in the year I can hold out on the a/c? Probably not too long, my allergies get pretty out of hand in the summer, and living alone I fear leaving my windows open at night. Grew up watching stories on the nightly news of rapists cutting window screens or some such horror. Will see how long I can make it. Guaruntee that the first time I turn it on is a day bf is spending the night. He's such a wimp about heat.

Where are my cheerleaders? Met one today, and he was a stranger. Hmmmmm. I'll leave this cryptic for now, but it is a burning question.

Why do people keep asking me for help finding jobs? If I knew how to find one I would find a better one! Seems strange to me, do I have that helpful look about me?

Ok, study break over. Back to work now................

Mar 23, 2007

No TP?

Ok, I admit that I've used tissues instead of toilet paper when I've run low. That's about as far as I could take it. Not likely that I could go to the lengths that these folks are going to cut down on consumption. I admire them, but still I think that the no toilet paper rule is going a bit far.

So, what could you live without? I figure I can cut back even more on electricity use. It should be considered a necessity to cut back on it in my world. Not only because I want to be more environmentally friendly, but also because I want to cut back on my bills. Hmmmm, wonder how much I could cut back? I'm sure that the current mountain of laundry I'm doing doesn't help. I think I do more laundry than the average single girl who lives alone. I just don't have enough work or workout clothes to make it through the week. Multiple loads must be done. The fix? Consumption/spending by buying more clothes? Not so good on the budget, nor on the theory those folks are working on of not consuming so much. Oh well, I'm recycling at least.

In other news, the lawn is cut. It was a struggle, and my allergies are fighting me right now for it. Keep your fingers crossed that I can wait a few more weeks for a repeat performance, ok?

Mar 21, 2007

Oh dear.......

So my best friend and I are kicking around the idea of doing a 1/2 marathon at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Mostly as a method to get us out there for a short vacay, since I don't think I'll be taking a vacation this year. (They seem to happen on a 3 year schedule in my life.) Anyway, to say that I'm really dreadfully slow/out of shape is probably an understatement. Been working out pretty steadily at work on the the eliptical trainer, and at home on the rower for a while. Um, yeah, that does nothing, apparently, for the act of running. Did 1.5 miles on the treadmill at boyfriend's apartment gym tonight. Yup, that only took 20+ mins of jog/walk. Oy, a 6 hour 1/2 marathon is no big deal, right? *grin* Oh well, wonder how much improvement I can make before November?

Otherwise, no news in my world. I'm a lazy, anti-social slug who can't seem to stop over-spending, over-eating, or procrastinating. :) There's always tomorrow, right?

May take a day off at the end of this week to play catch up. Will see. I seem to have guilt issues about taking days off. Odd for a girl who works 7 days a week, huh?

Mar 18, 2007

Could you do it?

Read this article, and tell me what you think. Could you spend a month where you only spend money on the necessities? I'm not sure that I could. I've just been trying to cut back some, not even that drastically. I seem to be able to rationalize quite a bit, ya know? Maybe I should try drastic instead. Maybe that would be easier to sustain if there were a defined line.

I read the article last week, and my brain keeps coming back to it. Maybe the drastic numbers on my credit card bill bring it back. Maybe the pitiful paycheck that doesn't seem to go far enough? The gigantic gas bill that comes every month? (Please, warm spring weather, please come back!) The neat landscaping ideas that I have been having that I can't fund?

Oh well, that is what is crossing my mind lately. Is it odd that I wish it were an experiment that I didn't have to try out? Like I would feel that it was more noble if I didn't need to cut back?


Mar 5, 2007

Monday's List

Monday again, I'm starting to eat, so I guess I'd better start a list of things I'm gonna do, eh?

Here goes: (Edited on Tuesday)

  • No spending money eating out for lunch (unless it involves taking a grandma to lunch). I will pack a lunch, or eat at home this week. Monday and Tuesday aced.
  • No spending money at the convenience store at work for snacks, unless it involves change scraped from my drawer, or my car. Scrabbled for change for the store today. Succeeded in paying with drawer change. :)
  • I will buckle down and get back on track for studying. Procrastinating...still procrastinating.
  • I will work out on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with my coworkers, and supplement that with workouts at home this week/weekend. No go on that today, still not 100%. Try again tomorrow.
  • I need to finish planting my flat of pansies around the house. I planted a few more tonight after work in little pots for my front porch. The rest just need to go into the ground somewhere soon! Not finished, but I got 5 more plants in the ground tonight. Slowly....
  • I will catch up on paying my bills, and getting my mail into that mail slot for my kamikaze mail man. Done! I am really very poor now. In fact, I went over my budget again this month by a few hundred dollars. I need to make more money, or learn to survive with a lot less heat.
  • I will watch at least 1 netflix movie and return it this week. Should I cancel Netflix to save money? Considering.
  • I will go with grandma to the movies this week. Planning, if she feels better this week.

Ok, anyway, that seems like a prohibitive list. I may come back and readjust later. Off to find dinner and get moving on all this stuff. Wonder if I have any t.v. watching scheduled tonight?

Mar 1, 2007


My new weightloss method.......well, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Now, who to pin it on? Chinese food lunch? Nah, they're too reliable. The food chain named after a day that happens at the end of the week where I ate 1 potato thingie, a wing, and a bud light? Maybe. Not the highest quality food I've ever had at that place, but I was being sociable. Third option? Random people that come in and touch my office, sneeze on my desk, and drop trash on the receptionist's ledge that is part of my domain? Most likely.

Lbs lost within the last hour 2.7 - scratch that, make that 3.4

Shoot me, please?


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