Dec 27, 2006

Year End Round Up

Well, 2006 is coming around to a close. I've moved to full time at the main job, stayed at the part time job. Hired some folks to share the time with at the part time with. Went on a vacation to Florida in July. Bought my first home in June, while celebrating my 29th year on this earth. Painted the home,a nd eventually moved in around August. Swore and cussed at the lawn for growing at such an amazing rate. Took a lit class to get my brain moving. Started the process of our department reorganizing, and the consulting process that involved. Saw one of my best friends join the Peace Corps and move to Central America. And here I am. Where am I going? Who knows.

Goals as of this writing for 2007:

2007 will be a happier, healthier, more productive, and more financially secure year.
I will find a new job, or make this one work in a more constructive way for me this year.
I will continue to work out on a regular basis (renewed in the past month or so after a long 6 month hiatus during the moving and settling period).
I will continue to find things that challenge my brain.
I will examine what type of higher education would fulfill me personally, as well as push me forward professionally and begin the process.

Ok, i'll post more on this over the next days and/or weeks. Just a start. What are you thinking?

Dec 24, 2006


Merry Christmas Eve to all who celebrate. To everyone else, Merry Everything! I hope everyone has a safe holiday.

I've just done an afternoon present opening/pizza eating at bf's mom's house. Was fun, but a tad awkward for all do to a lot of family issues. His parents are divorcing, but did the holiday together (although seperated by a state for 5 months) for the family. Sweet, but sad.

Then on to Dad's house for dinner, and some quiet football watching. Not bad. He's broken up with his girlfriend recently so we'll have a quiet Christmas this year. He's a bit down. Besides, it just doesn't feel like Christmas with the temps high enough for me to kill a mosquito on my front stoop yesterday!

Tomorrow: Early up to head to bf's brother's family by 8 to see what Santa brought the kids. Then to dad's house for breakfast and presents. Back to bf's mom's for lunch before his Dad leaves to head back to his new homestate. After that we'll head to Dad's for a prime rib dinner. Dad is a fantastic cook!

BF has his dad at his apartment tonight, so i'm on my own. I'm baking some supermarket cookie dough, and will wrap another gift, and maybe open a few prezzies that I have around the house. :)

Next week, I am off work. My employer is closed until January 2nd. My best friend has off from the Peace Corps and will be home until the 7th. Catching up to be done, and maybe a few home projects..........anyone want to help paint? Only the bath and kitchen! ;)

Anyway, Merry to all, and a peace filled week to everyone. Hugs to all in the military, or all who are waiting for someone in the military that is deployed this holiday.

Dec 17, 2006


Went to Chuck E. Cheese with bf last night to help his SIL out with her kids. OMG that place is a combination of germ-fest 2006, and Las Vegas for kids! Crazy! Funny part was watching the 10 year old try to hide behind a video game with her little boyfriend! We kept a close watch on our group so there was none of that!

Also in the happenings this weekend: Wrapped 1 billion presents. Still have 2/3 of them to ship, but i'll do that tomorrow. Will be a relief. Saturday I backed into the boyfriend's car. HARD. Ooops. Guess I owe us each a new bumper in addition to the door I need to replace. (that one isn't my fault. Some asshat hit it at work and didn't leave a note....also a HARD hit). Lots of working this weekend. Was supposed to pick up a tree with Dad this weekend but we weren't that into it. We kept putting it off, and finally tonight we decided we'd try for Wednesday. It'll probably be some ugly ass tree by then, but maybe we'll get a good discount on it for being so late. While blowing off tree-hunting we went for pancakes at a local cafe. Yum! I had banana pancakes which were good.

Set up my vintage tinsel tree today, and put up a christmas mobile, and a door decoration. Starting to look a little christmas 'round here. Hard to believe with the weather like it is. May cool down some by Christmas, we'll see. :) Ok, off to work out, and see what other christmas-y things I can get done. Work is gonna be packed this week so I may be a bit slack on posting.
You're used to it by now, right?


Dec 9, 2006


Lunatics. People suck. My pretty little SUV (smaller one peeps, not a monstrous one, and bought when i made a 100 mile daily commute on icy roads) was backed into forcefully in a parking lot at work this week. They t-boned my driver's side rear door. Crunched the heck out of it. It was pristine before, and now it just looks pitiful. Did they leave a note? No. Bastards!

Anyway, work is nutty per usual, and they are making plans for us. Makes me a bit nervous. Need to meet with someone to find out what resume was used when I got this job. I hope I didn't downplay anything. I did that for a few jobs because i was desperate and no one wanted to call me for things that I was overqualified for........... didn't lie, i promise, just rephrased a bit. It's all verifiable. I just hope I used the ultra professional one, so that maybe the plans they make include me not filing anymore. My poor paper cut riddled hands beg for that! :)

Off work for the weekend. Finding that i'm not very good at that. I have loads to get done, it is now 1pm,a nd i'm still piddling around. *sigh*


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