Nov 26, 2006


When I was a little girl I hated umbrellas. I'm not quite sure why, but I do know that using them embarrassed me. Didn't use them in college either. It rained a lot where I went to college, and you were a wuss if you used an umbrella. I spent a lot of time drenched.

Times change, and now I like umbrellas. Found this one recently. Isn't it cute? May have to buy it after the holidays!


A day or two late, but it seemed like a good time to take stock.

I'm thankful for my health, my family, friends, boyfriend, and a few delightful coworkers who make the rest managable. I am thankful for a paycheck, good books to read, a working car, and my new house.

I'm thankful that people pop in to say hello on this blog.

I am thankful that there were tons of wonderful birds in my back yard, trying out my new bird feeder, and collecting the bread that I threw out yesterday.

I am thankful for my week off that is coming for Christmas. :)

I am thankful for many things, and I will do my best to remember them in the future instead of being so crabby. Happy late Thanksgiving!

Nov 18, 2006


I haven't forgotten to blog, I'm just kind of lazy. Sorry guys!

Ok, I stole this from Angry Pregnant Lawyer :

It's the one word meme. You can only type one word. No explanations.

Yourself: Bored
Your partner: Working
Your hair: Shorter
Your Mother: Missed
Your Father: Cooks
Your Favorite Item: House
Your dream last night: Forgotten
Your Favorite Drink: tea
Your Dream Car: Paid
Your Dream Home: Light
The Room You Are In: Living
Your Ex: Gone?
Your fear: Falling
Where you Want to be in Ten Years? Happy
Who you hung out with last night: Lizzy
What You're Not: Successful
Muffins: Blueberry
One of Your Wish List Items: Vacation
Your Time: Meh
The Last Thing You Did: Email
What You Are Wearing: Red
Your favorite weather: sunny
Your Favorite Book: Many
Last thing you ate: Guacamole
Your Life: Odd
Your mood: Melancholy
Your Best Friends: Strong
What are you thinking about right now: Dessert!
Your car: Dirty
What are you doing at the moment: Typing
Your summer: Gone
Relationship status: Dunno
What is on your TV: football
What is the weather like: chilly
When is the last time you laughed: Today

Who's next?

Nov 12, 2006

Sacky Sunday

How's that for an S post? I hauled a bazillion (10) sacks of mulch today with my dad. Turned out that I need about 8 more to finish the back yard project. Still nice to have part of a flower bed created. Now I just need to plant something in it, right? Hmmmm, that might be the hard part. Might have to ride around and see what I can find at Home Depot/lowes, and the nurseries this week. I also mowed front and back yards, planted 100 crocus bulbs, 6 hyacinth bulbs, and did some general fall cleanup, like cutting down dead plants, trimming up a bit, and putting hoses and pots away.

Long time since an update for me......still working, but had the weekend off. I called in sick earlier this week, and realized that it was the first day that I'd spent an entire day in my home. I have owned it since June! Today was my first all day lawn and gardening day. Was nice.

Anyway, taking a lit class (for fun, non-credit thing) and need to go work on my reading.



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