Jun 30, 2005

Today felt like Monday

So, all day today I kept thinking it was Monday. I think that I've been interviewing waaaay too much! No interview today, but I had one yesterday and another one tomorrow. Yesterday was the 2nd at the university. Went well I guess, and they said that I should hear by the end of the week. Same thing goes for the one I had on Monday....they asked for references, and said that they intend to make a decision by Friday.
I have an interview at a law firm tomorrow. Sad thing is that I can't figure out what position I applied for, and the lady didn't mention it during the phone call at all. I'm hoping that I can figure it out, and if not I guess I'll have to wing it. Really wish that I hadn't called her back, then I could try to put it off 'til Friday. Am soooo tired of interviewing. On other notes, I've just got to say that I don't understand why it takes too much time for the lawn service near the mall to stop and pick up the trash instead of purposely blowing it out into the street with the air blowers they use to blow the grass off of the sidewalk. That was my morning pet peeve.

Jun 27, 2005

Another interview under my belt.......

Had an interview today. Not quite sure how it went. I felt like it went well, but I've thought that before without getting an offer, so who knows?! The interview was for an admin asst. position at a financial services firm. The firm is located in a historic home downtown. Very cool location. Dress code a lot more formal than I'm used to....... I would certainly have to pick up a few more business suits. We'll see, I won't hold my breath, but it would be nice.

Did get an offer for a part-time weekend position at the local art museum. Yay! Not sure how that will go, but I like museums, and it will be a little extra money, so why not? I may even get to take some docent classes as well. :) Going for the drug test tomorrow, which coincidentally is in the same university building as the second interview that I have tomorrow. Maybe this week will be my last week of temping for a while!

On other notes, I'm currently reading this. I generally enjoy Thomas Friedman in the New York Times, and I thought that the theme of globalization and certain events or themes (falling of the Berlin Wall, creation of Netscape, etc.) helping to create a "flat" world was interesting.

Now for my pet peeve of the week. People of adult age who speak "baby talk" when there aren't even children or babies in the building annoy the daylights out of me! My office mate actually greeted her boss today with " Dere him are!". Yup, try to say that out loud without feeling and sounding absolutely ridiculous.

Good point of the day: Dad cooked me a nice dinner tonight, and we actually had a decent conversation about my job hunt.

Again, thanks for reading my blather, (if anyone is actually reading it), and feel free to give me some feedback!

Jun 26, 2005

Welcome to the Garden Spot of the World!

Ok, I had a bit of trouble choosing a title for my blog. I finally settled on this one as a tribute to the town I live in......... the sign near the entrance to our town welcomes you to the garden spot of the world. It always strikes me as ironic, because we're a very small, somewhat rural town that really doesn't seem to have much in the way of gardens. I mean, where do we get off choosing that title for ourselves when you consider how many beautiful places there must be in the world? Just a little rant. Maybe I'll figure out how to post pictures soon and include a picture of our town sign. :)

As for me, late 20's , newly relocated to my homestate, hometown, and childhood home. I'm currently running a constant gauntlet of job interviews, and temping at an area mortgage company. I live with Dad temporarily (god bless him for trying, we're still speaking at least!), and hope to be employed and out on my own by the end of the year!

A big thank you to my friend
Liz for encouraging me to try this out. I'm sure she's probably just sick of me posting wacky comments to her blog, but thank you nonetheless......... :) Check out her blog if you get a chance!

Otherwise, comments on this new adventure are always welcome!


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